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About Edward J Nichols

  • B.S. Cum Laude Biomedical Science 1977
  • Post Grad Epidemiology
  • B.S. Veterninary Science 1978
  • Doctor of Veterinary hMedicine, 1980
  • Texas A&M – B.S. Cum Laude 1977: B.S. 1978: DVM 1980
  • 31 years of experience
  • Co-Founder and past president of Emergency Pet Center
  • Member: Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
  • Member: American Association of Feline Practitioners
  • Member: American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Member: Texas Veterinary Medical Association
  • Member: Bexar County Veterinary Medical Association
  • Served Honorably in USAF with two tours in Korea
  • Member: Navy League of the United States
  • Member: Air Force Association
  • Member: Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW)
  • Member: American Legion
  • Member: Texas Right to Life Coalition

Characteristics of Dr. Edward J. Nichols – compassionate, caring, generous, patient, friendly, humorous, loyal, dedicated, knowledgeable on a varity of topics including: history, current events, and engineering, musician (guitar, piano, bass guitar), world traveler, avid photographer.
Brought back to health and found homes for hundreds of stray dogs and cats.

Brief Bio: Born in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1949 to an active duty military family, married to
Irma Saenz Nichols for 39 years. Irma is a retired speech and language
pathologist.  Dr. Nichols has two children: one son (Padraic) who is
currently serving as a pilot in the Navy, and a daughter(Erin) who has just
completed a Communication Arts/Broadcast Journalism degree of the University of the Incarnate Word. He has five cats, one dog
and one fish of his own, not including the cats and dogs that live in the

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